Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gotta Go Tex-Mex!

We reeeeeaaalllly like Tex-Mex. I'm convinced I could live on fajitas and a variety of quesadillas. Perhaps you could too! Of course you'd have to have the appropriate toppings for it all--a good guacamole, shredded sharp cheddar (aged cheeses have very little lactose), sour cream, and a little pico de gallo (or diced tomatoes). Yummmmmmmm!

Our children seem to like it all as well--even spicy salsa. Well, not the really hot stuff. However, they provide me with some challenges in the kitchen (and I'm not even talking about additionally catering to Hubby's gluten and lactose intolerances). I have one child who doesn't like meat, except rotisserie chicken. Another doesn't like beans. Two others tolerate most things yet always seem to find SOME ingredient they decided to hunt down and pick out of their entire meal. So...I ended up cooking three different Tex-Mex dishes a few nights ago. Good thing none of them were much bother.

We had Charro Beans, Mexican Rice, and Chili (a mild, kid-friendly version) because then I could cater to EVERYONE's needs! They all enjoy heaping on the toppings: sour cream, guaca(squishy)mole, cheddar, and cilantro. A few raw veggies of their liking on the side made it good and filled them up.

No heirloom recipes here, but I made charro beans in a crock pot for the first time. It was a healthier version without all the bacon and fat. None in our family care for straight refried beans, so it's good to know a more convenient way to make our favored charros so I don't have to watch the stove for hours on end.

If you've got a hankerin' for these savory beans, check out the easy recipe for Charros I'll be posting in the next couple of days.


Angela said...

Tex Mex is my FAVORITE, too!!! I could eat it every single day.

By the way- I made your soup the other night... it was to DIE for. Even ALL of my kid ate it up - a FIRST! It was so, so, so, so, so, good Laura. I'll definitely be making it again! Thanks!!!

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