Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fun Frosty Drinks

How do you misplace a hard drive? Well, I haven't been able to find one of ours (with my recipe collection) for a couple of days now. So, I haven't posted anything new since then partly because of the hard drive conundrum and partly because we've had a few little guests at our home.

Since it got quite warm today, it reminded me of the tasty frosty drinks we like to make. The next couple of posts are my favorites.

GADGET NOTE: I've never had a blender that crushes ice well enough without leaving those undesired chunks of ice throughout my drink that's supposed to be smooth. Since we don't have an ice crusher on our fridge, I always grind my ice cubes through our ice crusher first. Here's a link for one that is similar to ours. When our kids were teething or had sore throats, they liked to suck on crushed ice. Now, they love to crank it out themselves. I love using manual machines (is that an oxymoron?) when I can! I bought my latest one in Target's seasonal section a couple of years ago...about this time of year.