Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Volcano cake with tropical flowers

Requested by this young lady.

Idea for cake found here.

General idea for flowers found here.

Instead of making my own hard-crack candy for the lava, I just melted down Red Hots and Jolly Ranchers. NOTE: When pouring the melted candy on parchment paper, make sure to pour various lengths of "lava" with a curve at the top to make it easier to secure to the cake. Looking back, I should have made more short lava and filled in the top more to make it look more explosive. I had longer pieces left and should have just broken them in half and used 'em.

Made to order for my daughter's ninth birthday!

2 boxes of cake mix
6 eggs
2/3 cup oil
1 pkg. prepared chocolate frosting
1 pouch green decorator icing
Cool Whip
1-6 oz. package of Red Hots
small bag of passion fruit Jolly Ranchers
(I just used the orange ones.)

$10.31 and a little putzing...
for a cake made to order,
with priceless memories
held in the heart of a nine-year old girl.

Most definitely worth it!


Deann said...

Simply amazing... that describes both you and the cake!

Unknown said...

i love it! the colors, the flowers- wonderful.

Anonymous said...

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Sabi said...

simply wonderful decoration.
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