Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rice Krispie Kisses

Every year for the past four years, the kiddies have looked forward to making these sweet little treats for St. Valentine's Day.

They're just rice krispy treats with tinted melted marshmallow,

...packed into a smallish funnel,

...wrapped in foil (sprayed lightly with non-stick cooking spray)

(with a cute little ribbon--or a strip of paper with a sweet message written on it).

I snip the corners off the foil squares before wrapping the krispy treat. Otherwise, there would be a big wad of foil at the top.


Now go give 'em to all the little neighbor kids!

NOTE: I made 2 regular batches of rice krispy treats. Using a funnel that holds about 1 cup of water, I was able to make 16 krispy kisses (8 kisses in each batch). If needed, more can be made using a smaller funnel or just by not filling the funnel up to the top.

For a more authentic chocolatey (and gluten-free!) kiss treat, you can use Cocoa Pebbles. Sadly, krispy rice cereals still contain gluten because of the malt ingredient.


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Unknown said...

This is nice recipe , thanks for share this delicious dish with us. Its really a good surprise for your valentine.

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